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This website has been created for all the present and future shareholders of the Lake Ditch. We have put this site together to help you fill in the blanks, give you resources, and answer questions that commonly arise. Please do not hesitate to contact us with corrections or suggestions for additional content.

The Lake Ditch Company is comprised of shareholders who own water rights, as decreed from the Truckee River which have been permitted to be transported through the Lake Ditch. The Lake Ditch Company maintains the ditch for the purpose of transporting irrigation water to water rights holders.

The Lake Ditch is one of a series of irrigation ditches throughout the Washoe valley with the purpose to provide agricultural irrigation water.  The 14-mile long Lake Ditch flows from the head gate near Mayberry Drive through the City of Reno and Washoe County. The ditch ends at Steamboat Creek.


The amount of irrigation water flow allowed in the ditch is regulated by the Federal Water Master (U.S. District Court Water Master) during the irrigation season, which normally runs between May 1 and October 1 each year.

The ditch is an easement. The Lake Ditch Company does not own the land over which the ditch passes; however,  owners of property through which the ditch easement passes, whether Lake Ditch shareholders or not, are required to not impact the easement or block access for the Lake Ditch Company crew to monitor or clean the ditch.

Holders of water rights assigned to the Lake Ditch must be shareholders of the Lake Ditch Company to receive the irrigation water.  The Lake Ditch Company delivers the water as determined by the Federal Water Master. The Lake Ditch Company has no role in determining waters rights, or the transfer and/or acquisition of water rights.


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